Ecommerce website development cost – India

Online retail in India is estimated to grow over 1,200% to $200 billion (Rs. 13,30,550 crore) by 2026, up from $15 billion in 2016, according to a recent report by financial services firm Morgan Stanley. E-commerce growth in India will be so fast, it will surpass the U.S. for the second-largest e-commerce market in the world within 20 years, according to the 
Global Payments Report by Worldpay, a payments company.

If you’re looking to expand your retail business online with an ecommerce web site or mobile app, now is the time. Developing an Ecommerce web site or Ecommerce mobile app in India is relatively easy, thanks to readymade ecommerce solutions.

The usual costs involved in setting up a ecommerce site includes:

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Ecommerce Software
  • Payment Gateway Charges
  • Shipping & Logistics

Ecommerce website development cost - India

However, this alone does not guarantee online success

With increasing online competition, you need an experienced Ecommerce consultant, who can provide you the right digital and marketing strategies to succeed online. You also need stable ecommerce software that can be flexible enough to meet your business requirements, as your online business expands. You need a sound online marketing strategy to be visible to your target audience.

Tarjima is an Ecommerce specialist. We dont just provide the software. We work hand in hand with our clients through the year to ensure that your online business succeeds. From electronics retail ecommerce to pharmacy ecommerce app developmentfashion retail ecommerce to online book stores, supermarkets and bakeries, we have helped numerous online businesses grow their brand and profits online.

Our experience ecommerce consultants will guide you in every step of the way from company registration, choosing the right payment gateway, logistics providers to crafting your digital strategy.

From hosting, domain registration, Ecommerce software to payment gateways, we provide all the tools you need to set your ecommerce business.

Tarjima has all the ecommerce features you will need. View some of our Ecommerce case studies to understand more about how we can help you set up your ecommerce business.

Ecommerce website development cost 

Here are some typical costs in India for setting up an Ecommerce site or mobile commerce app.

A. Software
Customised Ecommerce web site development (PHP) or Opensource – Rs.150,000 to Rs.200,000/-
Customised Ecommerce mobile app development (iPhone or Android) – Rs.2,00,000 upwards
+ Annual Maintenance Costs ( Approx. 10% of total cost)
B. Domain Registration
Rs.650 to Rs.700 per year (.com extension)
C. Web Hosting
A business hosting package will cost approx. Rs.8000 to Rs.10,000 per year. 
Ecommerce sites with decent amounts of traffic will require a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or cloud hosting. This will cost approx. Rs.25,000+ per year.

D. Payment Gateway Charges
Typical charges are 2% of sale + Rs.3 per transaction .
Popular gateways are CC Avenue, Payu, Instamojo, Razor pay & EBS.

Tarjima Ecommerce Web Site & Mobile Apps are available for as low as Rs.19,900 per year (including software cost, domain, hosting, annual maintenance + free digital strategy consulting)

Visit our pricing page for ecommerce cost comparison of our various packages.

For details, please call us at +91 9446075840 or email us at

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